One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the western part of Norway

Tvindefossen is a beautiful waterfall in Voss in Vestland county (formerly Hordaland county). The waterfall is located right by the main road, and can be admired from Tvinde Camping.

The water from Tvindefossen comes from a river called Kroelva, and flows into Strand river. Together with the Strand river and Raundals river, it forms the start of Vosso.

Some say the waterfall is raging 152 meters high, but it is actually 110 meters high. Tvindefossen is the 98th highest waterfall in Norway based on total fall and is one of Norways most visited nature attractions. In addition, rumor has it that the water is a source of youth and good for potency, which has made visitors fill their bottles with the valuable water.

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Tvinde Camping is located just north of Voss in the direction of Gudevangen – Flåm. From Bergen it is about two hours to drive, while from Oslo it takes five to six hours, depending on which route you choose over the mountain.

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