Activities and attractions in Voss

Voss is the

Adrenalin capital

of Norway

It is no coincidence that Voss is known as the extreme sport capital of Norway. For almost 200 years, adventurous people have come to the village. For the adrenaline junkies, there are few places in Norway that have more to offer.

Here you can play in rushing rivers, throw yourself out of a parachuted plane or down from a mountain top with a paraglider.

Welcome to Voss!

Skydiving and rafting – or a quiet forest walk? The choice is yours!

Voss is a small settlement in the heart of Norway, midway between Bergen, Hardangerfjorden and Sognefjorden, and is full of extreme contrasts. Here you will find a huge selection of activities and experiences for holidays you will not forget. Whether it is quiet nature, culture or sports that are closest to your heart, Voss has something for you!

Voss is waiting for you! Are you ready?

In Voss you can try everything from skydiving and paragliding to rafting in a safe environment. Whether you are old or young, traveling alone or with others, enjoy speed and excitement or quiet and relaxation. Voss has it all!

Activities that make the adrenaline rush

Voss Active is a year-round activity and event provider that offers a wide range of activities: rafting, family rafting, river boarding, waterfall rappelling, mountain rappelling, canyoning, wilderness camp with altitude trail, various guided fishing and mountain trips etc.

Voss Active offers a number of different experience-based activities in rivers and rapids in the areas around Voss.

In Voss High Rope and Zip-Line park there is a lot of fun and challenging activities for all ages.

Voss Active

Visit Voss High Rope and Zip-Line park

In the park there are a total of 60 different challenges and the highest point is over 14 meters above ground level. All altitude trails end with a zipline, the longest of which is over 70 meters. In addition, there is a 150 meter long zipline trail that takes you across the river!

Voss High Rope and Zip-Line park is located 14 km north of Voss city center and only 2 km away from Tvinde Camping.

Vossastrandvegen, N-5713 Vossastrand
(+47) 56 51 05 25

Experience Norway’s first

vertical, recirculating wind tunnel

In a wind tunnel you can experience to fly in a safe and controlled environment.

Many are thinking of flying in the wind tunnel as an extreme sport, but it is not. It is completely safe – just extremely fun!

Oberst Bulls veg 28, N-5705 Voss
(+47) 40 10 59 99

Lower your heart rate with experiences close to nature

Voss is not just extreme sports and adrenaline kicks. The area also offers a number of fantastic nature experiences and guided walks – or simply a good forest walk alone.

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Take the Gondola to Hangurstoppen (820 masl.)

The largest mountain gondola in Northern Europe.

Take the trip up to the mountains with the mountain gondola

The new gondola lift at Voss is the largest and most modern gondola lift in Northern Europe. The ride starts at Voss station (56 masl.), and in just nine minutes you are at Hangurstoppen 820 meters above sea level! From Hangurstoppen you can walk on prepared paths, and gives you a fantastic starting point for a number of great walks in the mountains.

At the top you can also visit the Hangurstoppen restaurant, where homemade food made from local ingredients is served.

Voss Gondol

Evangerveien 5, N-5704 Voss
(+47) 47 00 47 00

Hangurstoppen restaurant

Hangurstoppen, N-5700 Voss
(+47) 47 00 47 00

More recommended activities

Outdoor Norway offers a number of outdoor activities in Voss, such as rafting, mountian biking, kayaking and more.

Visit Voss is the official tourist information for Voss